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Learn Russian in a Virtual City

Exciting and effective language-learning platform that helps simulate common real-world scenarios and situations.

Learn the beautiful Russian language easily in an interactive and immersive manner – much like you would if you were actually traveling through or living in the country.

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Learn by doing. Navigate along streets and sidewalks, check into your hotel, and find the nearest grocery store.

Your language-learning journey will take you through actual traveling scenarios to enhance comprehension and retention. Board a bus, step onto a subway or into a taxi, take a break at the local coffee shop, or visit Red Square to meet friends.

The first time you sign-in, you’ll select one of 15 destinations
in either Moscow or Saint Petersburg:
Each destination expands into multiple scenes to keep users engaged and challenged. Click Red Square, for example, and follow a simple route from your hotel through the local streets and onto a bus to the subway station, finally arriving at your chosen destination.
Click characters and objects along your path to hear, repeat, and learn Russian words and sentences. Sequential scenes are thoughtfully designed to help users build on their existing vocabulary, retain knowledge through repetition, and tour the country logically within familiar traveling scenarios.
The expansive built-in dictionary provides essential language learning information and includes hundreds of the most common Russian words. Just a click away, the Language Metropolis dictionary helps users better retain new words by combining text definitions and pronunciations with character and object images plus spoken guides for authentic articulation.

Acquaint yourself with fun-loving characters who travel along with you and offer guidance on language pronunciation. All dialogs are recorded by professional narrators and actors in a state-of-the-art sound studio. (Click on any of the characters right now to hear them speak.)
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 — Здравствуйте. Мне нужно попасть в центр города, в гостиницу "Спутник". Сколько это будет стоить?
 — Hello. I need to get to city centre, to the hotel "Sputnik". How much would that cost?

Мне (я)Iview
ну́жноneed, it is necessaryview
попа́стьto get (to a place)view
вin, at, toview
города (го́род)city; townview
вin, at, toview
гостиницу (гости́ница)hotel; innview
ско́лькоhow many, how muchview
этоthis, thatview
будет (быть)to beview

 — Нет, вам нужен девятнадцатый или двадцать седьмой.
 — No, you need 19 and 27.

вамto youview
нужен (ну́жно)need, it is necessaryview

 — Поезд отправляется через пять минут. Пассажиры, пройдите в вагон, пожалуйста.
 — The train is leaving in 5 minutes. All passengers please take your seats.

отправляется (отправля́ться)to depart, to set outview
че́резin (with time), over, across,view
минут (мину́та)minuteview
Пассажиры (пассажи́р)passengerview
пройдите (пройти́)to go through; get through; pass throughview
вin, at, toview
вагон(train) carview
1) please;
2) you are welcome;
3) certainly!

 — Можно мне бублик с маком?
 — Can I get a soft bagel with poppy seeds?

мо́жноone can; one mayview
мне (я)Iview
маком (мак)poppyview

There are 40 unique scenes, each with dialogs, tests, grammar and culture comments.

Language Metropolis creates an engaging and entertaining world where students can hone their language skills with actual conversations with shopkeepers, while navigating the city, and dining at restaurants.

Saint Petersburg

• Master native accents and intonations with ease!
• Practice on your time – anytime, anywhere!
• Prepare for a smoother traveling experience!

Your exciting education journey is just moments away! Sign-up for Language Metropolis and step into an innovative, immersive language-learning environment where you’ll navigate through major metropolitan centers and communicate with lively locals. Language Metropolis is quite possibly the next best thing to learning the language in Russia!

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