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We are TLT Network Inc. Our team has been developing tools to help people learn a new language since 2002.

We are located in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada.

Our team

Team lead
Software developer, team lead, founder.

Michael is on a quest to help people learn to speak another language. He always runs experiments in search for better tricks and ideas to improve the Language Metropolis.

Russian language teacher. University prof.

Julia has more than 10 years of experience teaching Russian at University of Victoria at all levels.

Software developer. Database admin.

Illustrator. Great artist. Her art really speaks for itself.

Professional narrators: they are so good you can tell one letter from another in the sentence.

Ella runs our assembly station where all the parts (illustrations, dialogs, vocabulary, audio) come together to form a final scene. It takes quite a bit of fine tuning and cleaning up the mess to make everything shine.

Well, it is of great value to have one onboard, even though things get demolished once in a while.

It is not a single person though, this character represents many people, who have been giving us valuable feedback.